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Over 25 Years of Ames Home Remodeling and Radon Testing to Secure Safe, Customized, and Worry-Free Homes.

Call Your Cy Guy. Rely on One Source for Ames Area Home Remodeling & Radon Services .

Running your household is challenging enough when everything is working properly. When things break or you’re ready to tackle that next project, home ownership can get overwhelmingly complicated. Avoid spending too much time and money troubleshooting fixes and DIY projects by hiring your local and licensed contractors at Cyclone. We promise quality work and a relationship with your contractor that lasts past the job. Next time something comes up, you know a guy.


Cyclone Contracting mitigated our radon (We hired Rathert Radon who is now a part of Cyclone Contracting) and they did a great job mitigating our radon. They guys were great to work with and clean and courteous. I couldn’t be happier.

Terry Kruse

We’ve used cyclone for bathroom renovations, furnace care, and making the switch to a tankless hot water heater. We’ve had great experiences and love having Paul manage our projects. He makes sure everything gets done right and on time!!

Amanda DeGraff

Cyclone Contracting just installed a new furnace for us. It could not have gone better. The cost estimating was quick and professional. Thanks Jeremy. Jay and Rod were our installers. They were well prepared and knew exactly what to do. They completed the install in one day.

Duane Smith

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