If you’re thinking about remodeling, drafting up design plans for a new home, or you’re just a home reno buff who loves to keep up with the latest trends in the home improvement industry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 12 of the latest and biggest home remodeling trends this year. Some of them carry over from last year, but others are fresh, new ideas that are currently being eaten up by homeowners and custom designers alike.


New homebuilders and remodelers are creating homes they can stay in for the long haul, so they’re keeping accessibility and universal design in mind. Appliances, accessories, and utilities that make it easier to cook, bathe, clean, and move around the house for anyone of any age is trending. More people are keeping their parents and older relatives out of assisted living homes and moving them into their homes, incorporating additional bedrooms and living spaces.

Low Maintenance Design

While quality trumps quantity, young homeowners are looking for low maintenance features. Quartz countertops (durable, strong, beautiful, and easy to maintain) and black stainless steel (resists fingerprints better than traditional) are two materials being incorporated in a lot of the latest kitchens.

Get Smart

More and more homeowners are purchasing and installing smart technology throughout their homes, like home automation where you can control lighting, audio systems, heating and cooling, and more remotely.


Warm and cool greys are becoming more and more popular in the home, including blue-gray, beige-gray, and green-gray. It’s a neutral enough color that it can work well throughout most areas of the home, and it can give a space a clean, modern look and feel.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

Bathrooms are becoming more luxurious. People want to be able to go home and relax and rejuvenate in their spa-like bathrooms. Stand alone showers and baths are gaining popularity this year.

Bringing the Outdoors In

People are connecting the outdoors and indoors by building sunrooms, porches and decks with overhangs, or simply adding more plants throughout the house. Wood, stone, and sunlight are being brought inside and less artificial light is being used. Landscaping is getting more attention and people are adding fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and other pieces to help entertain family and friends.

Open Kitchens

The open kitchen design layout has carried over from last year. A great way to help busy families be able to spend more time together is opening up the main living space. This way they can effectively communicate across and have a clear view of what’s happening in another room. Many renovations include taking out walls between the kitchen and adjoining rooms.

Reclaimed Materials, Sustainability

Wood is everywhere this year. With the sterile environment (whites, wide open space) of many modern homes, wood adds a touch of class, comfort, texture, and roughness. With the push to use eco-friendly materials, reclaimed wood is being incorporated into furniture, backsplashes, and flooring.


Fluid geometric backsplashes, flooring, and countertop designs are in. These patterns have rounded corners and fluidity, giving spaces a soft, relaxing feel.


Splashes of gold, brass, and metallic lighting and plumbing fixtures and accessories are in, giving homes a rich, rustic, or contemporary feel.

Water Conservation

Homeowners, especially those living in areas of drought, are becoming more conscious of their water usage and making an effort to conserve. Some ways of doing this include updating to tankless smart water heaters, dual flush toilets, and high efficiency dishwashers, faucets, and washing machines.

Artisan Goods

Woven goods, such as baskets, macramé plant hangers, and wall hangings, are popular this year. So is shopping local and buying global handcrafted goods. Pairing global artisan and vintage is all the rage, for example, adding a handcrafted table to your living room on top of a Moroccan rug.