Ductless air systems offer several great benefits and can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you live in a mutli-family home and wish to have the ability to control your own thermostat, you live in a home that inconsistently and unevenly heats and cools different rooms, or you work in a commercial setting that is shared with other businesses, a ductless system may be a great option for you to consider.


You can install several ductless units in a building to create different “zones” that you can control individually. Choose from several different types of setups as well: suspend your unit from the ceiling, hang it on the wall, or set it up on the floor.

Cost Effective

While ductless systems often cost more to initially purchase, sometimes up to about 30% more than a central air conditioning system, they are cheaper to install and can save you up a lot of money over time. Since you can control different zones separately, you have the option of turning units off or down in certain zones you aren’t using or you use less frequently. These units use a significantly less amount of energy to run than central air systems, so your energy bills will be lower.


According to Energy.gov, duct losses can account for over 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning. http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/ductless-mini-split-air-conditioners Ductless systems are efficient and avoid a lot of energy loss that accompanies central air systems. Hot or cold air is transmitted directly into a space, instead of having to travel through ductwork to get to its intended location. And, instead of having to cool or heat your entire home as a whole, ductless systems allow you to only use the power that is needed at that time, saving a substantial amount of energy.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

Regular HVAC systems, like a central air system, require regular cleaning that often gets neglected. When your ducts are full of debris, dust, and allergens, that dirty air is being transported into your living space for you to breath. Even if you do have your ducts cleaned regularly, allergens may still get left behind and quickly spread throughout your house. Ductless systems, however,

Operates Quietly

Mitsubishi Electric says their ductless systems operate very quietly, as low as 19 dB(A), which is quieter than a whisper!

Easy to Install

Instead of having to install intrusive ductwork in a building, your technician will simply set up an outdoor unit that corresponds to your indoor ductless unit, connected by small cables and refrigerant lines that go through a small hole in the wall.

Easy to Operate

You can set your indoor unit to run automatically throughout the day or you can adjust it using a remote control.

Ductless Systems in Ames

If you’re interested in installing a new heating and cooling system for your home or business, whether that be a ductless system or another type of air conditioning system, Cyclone Contracting has got you covered! We will take care of any of your heating or cooling needs.