Have you been considering remodeling your home? Home improvement projects can be exciting, but they can also be expensive. When planning on making major changes to your home, there are many things to consider. The following tips should not be taken lightly. They should be thoroughly considered before the start of any remodeling project. If you abide by these guidelines before you begin and throughout your new remodeling project, you will save yourself money and energy, removing many potential bumps in the road to allow the process to go much more smoothly.

Choose a Professional Contractor

You don’t want to choose the first contractor that you run into. You need to do your research and look into the different remodeling contractors in your area to find the best one to fit your needs and your budget. Typically, it’s wise to get at least three good estimates (from three contractors) so that you have a good idea of what the going rate is for your particular project. Make sure the remodeler you choose is a professional and knows local building codes. If your remodel does not meet codes, updating any work done can end up being very expensive. Also, be sure that they guarantee their work up front and can provide you with good references from past jobs.

Since your home is most likely your largest asset, it is very important that the work done to it is high quality and adds value. Overall, value is more important than price. If you go with the cheapest contractor in the area, the work they do might reflect that price and look cheap as well. Look for a quote that is not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either. Usually, a price somewhere in the middle means you will get a reasonably priced job done well. According to Consumer Reports, the biggest mistake consumers can make is “being seduced by the price alone.” Make sure your contractor has current licensing, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance. Also, make sure the contractor provides you with a mechanic’s lien waiver after the work is finished.

Plan Ahead

Planning your project and mapping out exactly what you want to be done and what products you want to use can save you a lot of time and money. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, for example, you’ll likely need to pick out paint colors, light fixtures, appliances, flooring, countertop materials, cabinetry, etc. There is a lot that goes into remodeling, and the more organized you are throughout the process, the smoother it will go and the better your project will turn out! Once you know what style you are going for in your home remodel, shop around for products to determine where you can get the quality you desire while staying on budget. Your remodeling contractor should be able to offer you good advice during the design phase of the process.

Other Tips

Determine whether your room needs to be completely remodeled or simply updated. There is a huge difference in both cost and labor. There are many ways to save money throughout the process by updating. Most homeowners, for instance, can do their own painting and wallpaper. Are the existing appliances or fixtures still in good shape? If so, you may not need to replace them and spend the money on buying new ones. Determine exactly what needs to be changed so you only target what you need and don’t get caught up in replacing everything you possibly can.

Utilize space. Many homeowners want a larger house or more open space inside their home. There are many ways to add space to the home. A home addition is a great way to do this if you have the budget for it. Another way to add space and create a more open feel is to take out a wall. For example, by taking out the wall between your living room and kitchen, you’ll be able to engage with kids or guests in the house while cooking or cleaning. Other ways to add valuable space in the home include converting your attic into usable space, finishing your basement, adding windows, and building a porch or deck outside your house.

Be practical. It is important to realize from the start of any improvement project that a lot more goes into it than simply changing the outside appearance of your space. Other factors that must be taken into consideration are plumbing, gas, and electricity. You may want to move your sink or stove from one location to another, but in order for that to happen, a lot of other [expensive] moving must be done as well.

Remodeling can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. Cyclone Contracting is your Ames home remodeling choice. We have been proudly serving Story County for nearly two decades and will work with you throughout the entire process. Schedule an appointment today.