If your bathroom is outdated, cramped, not fully functional, or you’re looking to add value before selling your home; it’s time for a remodel. Bathrooms are typically some of the smallest rooms in a home, but they make a huge impact on creating a comfortable environment. As a homeowner, the idea of going forward with a bathroom remodel can seem daunting. What style will fit best with the rest of my home? Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, check out these four types of bathroom styles you can use as inspiration for your next bathroom remodel. 

Traditional Bathroom 

As one the most common bathroom styles found in today’s homes, traditional style bathrooms emphasize comfort and functionality. This style utilizes polished wood and blends the use of glass, tile, and marble throughout the entire bathroom. The color tone selection within traditional bathrooms are mostly neutral and offer complementary colors to provide a relaxing and bright space. 

When it comes to furniture and fixtures, traditional bathrooms use iconic, familiar styles. You’ll typically find basin, pedestal or console sinks, high-quality wood cabinets, conventional tubs or showers, and copper, iron or oil-rubbed bronze lamps, faucets, and hardware.

bathroom sink and mirror placed in the corner with a window letting in natural light close up of walk-in shower with a bench

Reasons to Consider a Traditional-Style Bathroom 

Along with the tranquil environment this style creates, this style of bathroom is a solid choice if you want a timeless look. The neutral tones and classic materials can also be ideal if you’re remodeling your bathroom to help you sell your home, as this style can suit a wide variety of tastes. 

Rustic Bathroom 

Rustic bathrooms are typically associated with country, cabin, or farm-style homes, but this look works for anyone wanting a warm, homey feel for their bathroom. This style is focused on bringing in texture, including reclaimed wood, rough stone, cast iron, or galvanized metal. 

While there’s consistent textures in rustic-style bathrooms, the colors may vary. White or cool color tones are used to achieve a contemporary farmhouse look, whereas warmer browns, deep blues, or mahoganies are typical for cozy cabin-style designs.

close up of wooden drawers with black hardware in a bathroom bathroom his and her vanity mirrors with wooden storage cabinets between

Reasons to Consider a Rustic-Style Bathroom 

You should consider a rustic-style bathroom if you’re looking for durability and next-level coziness. With rustic bathrooms emphasizing craftsmanship and using wood, metal, and other strong textiles, you’ll be able to sustain a rugged, rustic look with long-lasting materials. Along with durability, the use of wood and texture throughout the bathroom channels the warm, welcoming feeling of this style. 

Modern Bathroom 

Unlike traditional or rustic bathrooms, modern-style bathrooms are the epitome of a sleek and streamlined look, drawing from a clean, minimalist style. When designing a modern-style bathroom, people typically choose crisp colors of white, neutrals, or black, but pops of color appear in small touches such as hand towels, artwork, or flowers. Along with the neutral colors, this style is marked by high-quality materials including marble, stone, porcelain, and mosaic tile work. 

Beyond the basic materials for a modern bathroom, this style is praised for its discreet appliances and cabinetry. Examples of this include transparent glass showers, floating vanities, undermount or vessel sinks, and freestanding tubs.

master bathroom with a drop-in bathtub between a his and her vanityclose up of brass bathtub faucet with handheld sprayer master bathroom with a large walk-in shower with a sliding glass door and built-in towel storage

Reasons to Consider a Modern-Style Bathroom

You should consider a modern-style bathroom if you’re always on the hunt for the cutting-edge “next big thing.” Modern bathrooms use simple but innovative design and novelty concepts for appliances, cabinetry, features, and more. 

Along with the new concepts, modern-style bathrooms also provide tranquility with their simplicity. The clean, minimal style offers peace of mind with no distractions and a clear space. 

Transitional Bathroom

Transitional-style bathrooms are noted for their ability to combine different style eras, bringing in elements of two different types of designs to create a unique, artistic look. This means there are endless ways to create a transitional bathroom, and homeowners can get the best of both worlds if they’re struggling to decide on which style of bathroom to choose. 

This style typically combines modern and contemporary looks with traditional or vintage features and could include some rustic accents as well. Some examples of a transitional bathroom include: 

  • A modern walk-in shower featuring contemporary tile or granite combined with exposed wooden beams 
  • A traditional claw-foot tub with modern cabinets and a modern vessel sink
  • Shiplap walls with wood-inspired tiles and a contemporary seamless shower

A view of the new white marble shower. A white marble counter top.master bathroom with custom chevron tiled flooring and wooden cabinets

Reasons to Consider a Transitional-Style Bathroom 

The versatility of a transitional-style bathroom is a major benefit in choosing this type of bathroom. Combining elements of different styles can make your bathroom sophisticated but homey, clean but cozy, and simple but unique. This versatility also allows you to use existing pieces with a fresh design.  

In addition to the endless options with a transitional bathroom, you should consider this style if you’re looking to achieve a spa-like atmosphere. You can capture this through the blend of contemporary fixtures with wood and nature-inspired materials, as well as sophisticated accents such as chandeliers, free-standing tubs, and intricate tile work.

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