Are you finally ready to build the wet bar you’ve been dreaming of having in your home for years? We’re here to help! Make sure you consider the following aspects before designing your new space. Thinking through everything ahead of time will make the remodeling process smoother and give you the final result you truly want.

Classy Countertops

What type of countertops do you want to add to your bar? Your choice will depend on several factors: your budget, color and style, durability, and stain resistance. If you’re going for a more modern, industrial, or rustic look, consider concrete, stainless steel, or wood. If you want to add more elegance to the room, consider quartz, marble, or soapstone. Each type of countertop has a unique set of characteristics and tendencies.

Appropriate Appliances and Fixtures

Think about what you’ll need for appliances in your new bar area. You’ll probably need a refrigerator and a sink at the very minimum so you can keep drinks cool, have access to ice, and be able to clean counters easily.

Also, think about what type of lighting you’ll want to include. Do you want to add a fancy fixture as a focal point or would recessed lighting be more appropriate for the look and feel you’re going for? You have many options when it comes to lighting.

Storage Space and Shelving

You have the option of customizing your cabinetry as much as you want. You could install built-in shelving that seamlessly incorporates a refrigerator, wine storage, utensil drawers, lighting, and more. Choose a type of wood and finish that complements your space and exudes the character you want. Consider adding glass doors or leaving some shelving open so you can view its contents at all times. Your options are unlimited when it comes to customized cabinetry.

Dazzling Drinkware

Do you and your frequent guests favor a certain type of drink? Depending on whether you’ll most often be serving cocktails, wine, beer, Moscow mules, or margaritas, your glassware could vary quite a bit. Be prepared to stock your bar with the appropriate items. If you have open shelving, keep in mind that your glassware could add a certain style to the room, so make purchases accordingly. Depending on how experienced a mixologist you are, you may have specific items you’d like to include.

Room to Mix and Mingle

Do you want your home bar to be a place where your friends and family want to spend a lot of time? Think about how much and what type of seating you’ll need. Do you want traditional bar stools or comfy chairs and couches for people to talk and play games? Do you want ample space for mixing drinks? Consider adding some kind of table to your arrangement for people to set down their drinks if you add seating away from the bar. Also, think about how the drink maker and guests will move about the room so you don’t have too much foot traffic in the wrong areas but people can move about easily.


Do you want your home bar to be rustic? Ultra-modern? Cozy? Consider what atmosphere you’re shooting for and select all components for your space keeping it in mind. The colors, patterns, textures, appliances, countertops, stools, and artwork you pick to fill this space will all influence its overall ambiance. This is your space. Make sure it reflects that!

Whether you want to remodel your basement to include a gorgeous new bar area or you want to add a bar to another room in your home, Cyclone can help! Shoot us a message online or call us at (515) 292-4629 for Ames home improvement services.