Are you thinking about remodeling your basement? Whether you have an unfinished basement or are looking to upgrade your current setup, investing in a basement remodel is a great way to maximize the functionality of your square footage and increase the value of your home. 

Enjoy these conventional and not-so-conventional basement remodel ideas to inspire you for your next project:

Entertainment Area

Turn your basement into an entertainment hub. This is the time to invest in your home theater and arcade. Add a built-in entertainment center, projector screen, theater lights, and an area for your favorite arcade games. The fun doesn’t have to end when you’re home. Your house will be a favorite place amongst your friends, and a staple for the family.

You can keep it simple and convert your basement into a functional family room too. While this may seem like one of the more obvious ideas, it’s because it works well for families! This can be another place for the family to come together for a game night, or an area to enjoy separately. Fill this space with lush carpeting, your most comfortable couches, and all of your family’s favorite activities. 

Homeschool Classroom

Whether your kids are homeschooled or are taking classes virtually, an in-home classroom can make focus and fun a bit easier. Include built-in shelves for books, a dry-erase or chalkboard, special desks for each child, and other classroom decorations to transform your basement into a designated learning space for the family.

Home Bar or Wine Cellar

Do you enjoy a night cap? Are you a cocktail aficionado? One of the most fun basement ideas is the home bar and wine cellar. Family and friends alike will appreciate the domestic hang out space. Include dimmable and color changing lighting, arcade games, darts, billiards, flat screens, specialized wine refrigerators, and your favorite posters. 

Small Business Headquarters & WFH Office

Small e-commerce businesses have been growing in popularity. Whether you have been thinking about starting down the path of entrepreneurship or already have a business, your basement can be the perfect place to designate your small business headquarters. Built-in shelves along the wall and underneath the stairs can be a great way to increase storage and maintain a functional space. 

If you’re a remote worker, having a designated area for work can make balancing home and work life that much easier. Floating shelves, ornamental lighting, extra outlets, and a built-in desk can help make up an ideal workspace.

Home Gym & Wellness Center

Save time and money and opt for the at-home gym. Make your basement your dream facility with mounted mirrors, custom storage options, a sauna, and all of your favorite equipment. A gym can make a great addition to any other ideas you’d like for your basement.

Laundry Room

Update or install a laundry room in your basement. Invest in extra cabinet space, counter-space for folding, an area for air drying, a laundry shoot, and even a special setup for ironing. While not the most fun idea, taking the time to plan out your ideal laundry room can make life much easier day-to-day.

Small Apartment

Turn your basement into another living space with its own bathroom and kitchenette. This can be a space for older children, guests, or even an additional source of income to rent out. Overall, this can be a great way to increase value in your home and increase the privacy for any extra guests.

Multifunctional Space

With what feels like endless opportunity, why not choose a couple or a few of your favorite ideas and create a multifunctional space in your basement? Depending on the space that you’re working with, you can invest in a home gym, laundry room, and entertainment room. Maybe a classroom and playroom combination. Reflect on your family’s needs and customize your space.

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