There are many ways to remodel your basement and much of it depends on your personal preferences and needs. You may look at the list below and think you want every single one of these rooms in your new basement. In reality, you need to take a look at your budget and plan accordingly. Decide what your priorities are, what would be most useful for your family, and what you can afford. Plan correctly and you could have an amazing new basement that all your friends will envy.

Theater Room

Many people dream of having a large screen TV in the basement with surround sound and lots of comfortable lounging space. If this is you, be sure that when you are finishing your basement that you insulate the walls of this room to dampen the sound. Also keep in mind that you won’t need very high ceilings when the main purpose of the room is to sit and watch. Make sure that you don’t put the screen close to a window. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a theater room and then not be able to see what you’re watching due to large glares on screen. Platform seating is another idea to replace couches and chairs, but pricing can be more expensive.

Workout Area

Do you need a place to work out in the mornings or after work in the evenings but don’t want to pay for or commute to the gym? You could create a personal gym right inside your home. Be sure that the equipment you own or purchase can fit in the space and come down the stairs without causing damage. Also take into account the height of your ceilings. The height of the equipment plus you need to fit comfortably, so make sure your ceiling will be high enough.

Basement Apartment

Is your son or daughter living at home after college? A basement apartment may be just what you need. You could also rent the space out to bring in some extra monthly income. Be sure to check your neighborhood zoning regulations to see if multifamily residency is allowed. Also hire a professional to make sure you are adhering to codes and proper permits are administered.


This can be an expensive project. It would be similar to installing an actual kitchen without as many appliances. If you don’t have the budget to install a full bar, an option would be to put in a horizontal set of cabinets and a fridge instead. This could cut a lot of money off your expenses.

Guest Bedroom

In order for a room to be considered an actual bedroom, you need to have a finished closet (drywall, trim, and doors) according to building code standards. You also need to put in an egress window that is located in the wall no further than 44 inches above the floor. Steps leading up to the window can also be used to meet this standard. If you want to spice up the bedroom, add an adjoining bathroom. If you want a shower included, be sure to install a fan to ventilate the air and steam to the outside. Also make sure you have more than an arm’s length clearance above your head so the ceiling is high enough.


Another idea is to turn your basement into a kid zone. A large open space where kids can roam and entertain themselves is a great solution for families. Bright colors, creative textures, carpets, and bright lighting are great for playroom areas.

Man Cave

Guys, have you been waiting for that sanctuary all your life where you can hang out with friends and relax? Maybe you want a soundproof area in your home where you can play loud music, the electric guitar or the drums without being bothered by everyone within earshot distance. Pool tables, televisions, bars, refrigerators, and lounging areas are good additions.

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