When remodeling your bathroom, two important things to consider are style and utility. Knowing what you need and figuring out how to implement it to attain your desired style is the key to a worthwhile bathroom remodel. When figuring out amenities, there are things that are often missed that can take your bathroom to the next level.


Vanity Mirror Lighting

Anyone who has done makeup or shaved in a poorly lit space can appreciate some good lighting. Many style guides emphasize that bathroom lighting should be soft and spa-like, which is nice, but bathrooms are for business so having an adjustable lighting system is a low-cost, convenient luxury.

Bathroom light with Edison bulbs and glass covering

Lighting can be installed above the mirror or behind it. The bulbs and display fixtures used for lighting around the mirror can vary widely to match your design preferences and style.


Heated Floors

Walking on cold tile floors in the winter can be uncomfortable. Heated flooring is a luxurious and straightforward addition to your bathroom remodel. Heated floors add resale value to your home especially in colder climates. Since installing radiant heating into the floor is more efficient at warming a room than a central heating system, having heated floors can save money.

Stand-Alone Bathtubs

Stand-alone tubs can be the centerpiece of your bathroom while providing a luxurious experience. When looking at stand-alone bathtubs, consider the style of your bathroom and space. If you are very tall or short, consider accessibility and if the tub is long enough for you to fit comfortably. Stand-alone tubs are an amazing addition for those who love baths, and they function as a good centerpiece for those who have space.

Small Tile Flooring

close up of black and white ornate subway tile corner

Bathroom flooring can be tricky. Porous wood and water aren’t a good mix, and carpeted bathrooms can get gross quickly. Small, non-glossy tiles in showers and slippery areas are both a practical and safe choice for your bathroom. Textured tiles (with grooves, as an example), and the extra grout required will provide traction, which makes the risk of slipping go down substantially. Small mosaic tiles can also provide a dramatic focal point and are easy to clean.

Shower Niche

side view of silver shower fixtures (shower head, faucet and handlebars) with large brown marbled tiles along walls

With the walk-in shower’s rise in popularity, the shower niche is something to consider. Shower niches provide surface area to place things on while looking stylish, plus there is a lot less knocking things over when moving around in the shower. Shower niches are mainly put on the side of the wall facing the entrance of the shower and are customizable in depth, height, and width.

Neutral Color Palette

master bathroom after a full remodel displaying a his and her vanity with a bathtub in between

Bathroom design trends change frequently. Choosing a neutral color style now will save you a headache later if you want to make your house ready for resale. Whites, beiges, and neutral desaturated tones will always be in style, plus accessorizing with these colors is easy! If you are looking for something to make your bathroom pop while keeping the neutral tone consider adding some distinct tiles or using a brighter color on the black splash for the vanity. Dark wood accents on cabinets are a good solution if you are someone who enjoys contrast.

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