Has your home started feeling blah? You know it’s time for a change when you avoid having house guests or your appliances out-date you. Many homeowners are moving towards a farmhouse look, and we don’t blame them. It is a wonderful way to give your home a warm feel, while not compromising functionality. 

The Farmhouse Look Origin Story

Many people’s first exposure to the modern farmhouse can be credited to Chip and Joanna Gaines and their old HGTV show, Fixer-Upper. While this is what inspired the popularity of the farmhouse aesthetic in today’s homes, the farmhouse aesthetic in the United States actually dates back to the 19th-century midwest. The style came from true authentic farmhouses and has three main identifying factors.

The first of which is functionality, when farmhouses were first built, they were built for practical purposes rather than aesthetic reasons. We still see elements of this in today’s farmhouse looks—but more on that later. Next, natural materials were present in all of the 19th-century farmhouses, as people only had access to material that was readily available to them. That mainly included wood or rock that could be sourced from nature. Lastly, the farmhouses of this time mainly featured simple interiors and decor because most people’s time was spent outdoors. 

Eventually, as the industrial revolution began, people had access to more supplies, and homes began to develop features of more contemporary design. This was picked up by common society in the 20th and 21st centuries, but as previously mentioned, it was the debut of Fixer-Upper in 2013 that really caused the style to take off.

Key Elements of Today’s Modern Farmhouse Look

Similar to the old days, the elements of today’s farmhouse look reflect the concepts of functionality, natural materials, and simple decor—just with added spice. 

Farmhouse Look: Neutral Color Palette 

The color palette is the perfect place to start with any home renovation. With a move towards a farmhouse look, you should aim to start with base colors of white, beige, or cream. Then, you can add accent colors without straying from a neutral color palette, such as soft pink, rich green, or a modest purple. Sticking to natural colors will help to give your home the warm and cozy farmhouse feel and emphasize the beautiful furnishings you choose.

Farmhouse Look: Plumbing Fixtures

For plumbing fixtures, the first key popular addition to give your home a farmhouse look is apron sinks. Apron sinks feature a deep cut and are often paired with gooseneck faucets—another great feature of the farmhouse aesthetic. To fully achieve this look, you may also want to consider a clawfoot tub (a freestanding bathtub with four feet) for your bathroom remodel.

Apron Sink in Kitchen

Farmhouse Look: Light Fixtures

A common light fixture for farmhouse-style homes is pendant lantern lights. There are many directions you can take this, even repurposing antique lanterns into light shades. Another way to give your lighting a farmhouse feel is to focus on using weathered wood, exposed light bulbs, and rustic metals.

Lantern Pendant Light on Ceiling

Farmhouse Look: Shelving and Storage

When it comes to shelving and storage, open concept shelving is often the best option to achieve a farmhouse look. This is largely because it allows for the accessibility and functionality that farmhouses were originally built around. Additionally, shaker style cabinets are another beautiful way to move towards a farmhouse aesthetic in any space. 

White Shaker Cabinets

Farmhouse Look: Doors

When most people think of the farmhouse look, their mind automatically goes to sliding barn doors—and for good reason! The farmhouse style is known for its rustic vibe and wood elements, and what better way to incorporate this than by including a reclaimed sliding barn door with aged brass? If this isn’t your style, you could also elevate your current doors with aged brass hardware and a fresh paint job. 

Farmhouse Look: Walls and Flooring

One of the most popular trends of the modern farmhouse look is shiplap. Shiplap is characterized by long wood planks that are typically painted white and placed horizontally. It is a great option for an accent wall, backsplash, or even a custom statement ceiling. In addition to shiplap on the walls, hardwood flooring is pretty much essential to the farmhouse feel. It may even be a great option to consider a reclaimed hardwood floor to go back to the roots of the farmhouse look. 

How We Can Help You Achieve the Farmhouse Look

While you could decorate your home with mixed metals, eclectic signs, and greenery to add a farmhouse look, it won’t truly look like your Pinterest dreams without the help of professionals. With assistance from Cyclone contractors, you can transform your home, or a certain room, into a warm and cozy farmhouse space certain to turn heads. We would love to add shiplap, a barn door, or apron sinks to your home, just schedule a consultation