Remodeling your home can and should be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. It is often an event in which the homeowner can let their creativity and imagination shape the world they encounter on a daily basis. In many cases, remodeling your home can be an adventure that leads to improved comfort and usability.

Unfortunately, some homeowners struggle with remodeling experiences in which the contractor never fully understands the desired outcome. When this happens, the homeowner may face budget or timeline overruns that can leave them frustrated, angry, and disillusioned with the final result.

Hiring a qualified professional contractor is a good starting point but even still you need to communicate your vision to the contractor in order to avoid turning your dream remodel into a regret or nightmare. That’s why we have put together some helpful tips to help you communicate with your contractor so that your home remodeling project goes according to your desires.

Get on the Same Page with Your Partner

Before you even begin considering hiring a contractor, all homeowners should have a unified vision of the desired outcome. All stakeholders should be given the opportunity to have their voices heard. We suggest that each spouse or partner independently evaluate the space to be remodeled and create a list of their likes, dislikes, and remodeling desires. During this evaluation, consider the following:

  • How will the space be used?
  • What pain points does the space currently have?
  • Is there one member of the household who will use the space more than others?
  • What features would make the space ideal after the remodel?

Once your evaluations are completed, share them with each other and work towards a consensus. Having a unified vision for the space will make it easier for you to communicate that vision to the contractor.

Make a Plan

Once all stakeholders have a unified vision for the space to be remodeled, you should begin to collaborate on what the final remodel will look like.

Depending on your budget and the scope of the project, it might be helpful to obtain professional help to help guide your design choices and create a plan to fulfill your vision. At Cyclone Contracting, we keep a remodel designer on staff to help our clients bring their dreams to life.

Whether you decide to hire a professional or go it alone, it is always a good idea to create a portfolio to help communicate your desired outcome. We suggest that you create a scrapbook of home features that you want to incorporate into your remodel. You can use electronic resources like Houzz’s Ideabooks or Pinterest to collect and organize this information or even clip photos out of magazines or other print materials. It is often helpful to organize the photos by feature and even take notes so that you don’t forget anything.

Clear Communication is the Key

Getting the most out of your remodel requires clear consistent communication from the start of the project all the way through the final walkthrough. In order to get the best results, you can follow these straightforward guidelines.

Develop a Regular Communication Schedule

Your contractor is likely working at multiple sites and coordinating subcontractors. If you call or text your contractor at unexpected times, they may be unable to devote their full attention to your project.

Therefore, we suggest that you clarify with your contractor the frequency and appropriate channels of communication at the beginning of the project. Further, many contractors use project management software that allows clients to follow along with how the project is progressing. At Cyclone Contracting, our field staff provide updates to allow our clients to check-in on their project’s schedule and daily progress with pictures and descriptions of work completed.

Communicate in Writing

Take the time to walk through your design scrapbook or portfolio with your contractor at the beginning of the project and provide them with a copy as well as any architectural drawings and interior design documents. This will ensure that your contractor is on the same page as you. As you do so make sure you provide a prioritized list of your must-haves as well as which features are less of a priority.

Any change orders or additions should be made in writing. And, we suggest that you discuss those changes with the contractor to find out how they will affect your schedule and budget.

Prioritize Clarity

Finally, your communication should strive for clarity. We suggest that you provide your contractor with a list of your priorities, expectations, and must-haves at the beginning of the project. As you solidify your decisions throughout the process, provide clear written confirmation to your contractor.

If you are looking for a contractor who will listen to you, Cyclone Contracting is here to help. With over 25 years of experience you can be sure that we will complete your remodel according to your specifications while maintaining the highest professional standards. Check out our customer reviews and contact us today or call us at (515)-292-4629 for more information on how we can help you with your next remodeling project.