Your first thought when starting a home remodel project is probably, “What’s it going to cost?” Really, it all depends on what needs to be done and the finishes you choose. However, a better way of looking at it is in terms of return on investment (ROI). Projected ROIs are often in the 60-70% range and by choosing where to spend your budget wisely, that percentage could jump. If you’re thinking of listing your home in the near future, those upgrades could very well be the reason someone decides to buy. Even if you’re not planning on moving in the foreseeable future, any updates you make to your home truly are investments. Where and how you invest in your home is important!

Bathroom Upgrades with the Biggest Impact

One of the best home improvement projects you can do is a bathroom renovation. It’s no secret that kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that sell homes, but the opposite is also true: ugly kitchens and dated baths lead to houses sitting on the market. Again, even if you’re not looking to sell in the near future, the time you’ll be able to spend enjoying your new bathroom is priceless. Let’s explore a few of the bathroom upgrades that can mean add “wow” factor.

New Bathtub or Shower

If you’d be embarrassed to let an overnight guest use your bathtub or shower and no amount of deep cleaning has helped, it’s probably time to replace it. You may simply be thinking of a remodel. If that’s the case, a new shower and/or tub makes sense. A free-standing tub is almost always a good look. Classic claw-foot tubs area always in style, but there are newer, updated versions available that might be a better fit for your home, depending on your design aesthetic. You may even be thinking about updating your bathtub/shower combo. In that case, a glass shower stall is easy to clean, and can make a smaller bathroom feel more open.

Replacing Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to deciding on new flooring in your bathroom, it’s important to keep durability in mind. Of course you want a stunning floor in one of the rooms you spend quite a bit of time in, but those floors should be able to easily withstand the moisture present in bathrooms. From showers and baths to splashes when folks wash their hands and, let’s be realistic, the occasional toilet overflow.

Tile is usually the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a bathroom floor. Ceramic tile is a classic favorite and porcelain is considered a member of the ceramic family. Not only does it stand up against moisture, it can add a textured feeling to your floors. Another bonus of using tile: cleanup is easy. Stone is an option as well and can add a natural, spa-like feel. Whatever you choose, with heated flooring, you don’t have to worry about cold feet!

Updated Vanity

In a smaller bathroom, the vanity can be your chance to show your personal style. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box here. Some of the nicest vanities used to be dressers, but were re-purposed to bring style and function to a bathroom. Depending on how much of a remodeling or updating you have in mind, some paint and new hardware could be all that’s needed to give a builder basic vanity a face-lift.

Consider Adding a Bathroom

It can be difficult to sell a home with just one bathroom. Most folks are looking for homes with at least a bath and a half. Parents with children in the home typically want at least two full baths—especially as the kids become teenagers. If your home currently has just one bathroom, take a look around and think about where a half- or full-bath could fit. Nothing on the main or second floor? You’d be surprised. A smaller half-bath might fit perfectly under a staircase or a spare closet may easily turn into a bathroom.

Build a Basement Bathroom

When you truly don’t have extra space to add a bathroom upstairs, take a look at your basement. If it’s finished, chances are you’ve added a bathroom already, so we’re thinking about the unfinished basement now. Even if you’re not ready to completely finish your lower level, adding a bathroom can be well-worth it. In fact, this is your chance to create a more spacious, spa-like, dream bathroom that you may not have upstairs!

Plan Your Dream Bathroom

Don’t be fooled by DIYers on TV—bathroom remodels are not easy. When plumbing and tile are involved, it’s not something to go into blindly. Our team of designers and professional remodeling contractors work to make sure your new bathroom is finished beautifully while respecting your budget. Take the first step in planning your new space and contact us today.