Have you noticed your house has a lack of storage, outdated fixtures, leaky features, and other problems that continue to add up? If that’s the case, it may be time for a remodel. There are a few important factors to recognize before remodeling. The Cyclone Contracting team is here to help!

How to Decide It’s Time for a Remodel

Take some time and create a vision because it’s vital to know what you’re hoping to achieve with the remodel. Is the end goal to improve market value, increase functionality, or simply have the house match a specific style more? Create a list of needs, wants, and projects you can handle versus what should be left to a professional contractor. After creating a preliminary outline and before talking to a trusted professional, set a budget to set expectations with your contractor. 

When to Do A Remodel 

Before reaching out to a contractor to begin a remodeling project, it is crucial to keep in mind several key factors. Taking the time to consider these important aspects will help you make informed decisions, set realistic expectations, and ensure that the project aligns with the desired outcomes. 

Seasonal Factors

Spring and Summer are the peak remodeling seasons, typically spanning from April through September. Contractors are more likely to have a full schedule during warm weather in comparison to unfavorable weather, as it facilitates quicker project turnaround due to longer daylight hours and improved working conditions. This and the ability to go on a personal summer vacation and return to a completed project entices many to schedule a summer remodel. Summer is the perfect time for outdoor projects, but if you’re patient other times of the year are sufficient for indoor remodels. 

It’s important to take into account the unique challenges and advantages associated with each season to make informed decisions for project scheduling and resource management while keeping in mind what works best for your unique circumstances.

Preferred End Date   

Taking seasonality into consideration is also helpful when communicating with contractors and setting expectations regarding the desired end date. The specific intention of the project can be influenced by the desired timing of the renovation. For instance, if you’re planning to remodel the kitchen for hosting over the holidays, installing a new deck for summer cookouts, or upgrading your front door it’s crucial to align the project timeline accordingly to coincide with the appropriate season. 

Size of Project 

In addition to the project completion date, it is worth considering the scale of the project. During the construction phase, the size of the remodel can affect your living arrangements. Smaller projects may permit you to stay in your house, but larger projects can cause disruptions as contractors and their activities have the potential to disrupt the daily routines of individuals and families. This particularly applies to those who work from home or have children home for the summer. 

Additionally, if the renovation involves the only bathroom or kitchen, it can pose challenges to comfortable living for weeks. It is wise to carefully contemplate the living arrangements during this period, whether it means staying at home, seeking temporary accommodation with friends or family, or renting a separate space to ensure a smoother experience overall.

When to Find a Contractor  

Once you have determined the desired renovation timeline, you can proceed to contact contractors and begin the process. It’s important to reach out to a few contractors to see who can best fit your goal. The rule of thumb is to reach out to contractors at least 6 months before the desired start date. Reaching out early is optimal to allow contractors time to, schedule a timely consultation, review the estimate, collect necessary materials, and leave room to finalize project plans within the desired timeline. 

Schedule a Consultation Today!

Replacing chipped tile, terrible lighting, or creating a new space can be an intensive process but comes with great rewards. Ultimately, decide to remodel when you’re ready. Cyclone Contracting understands this and tries to make this whole process as straightforward as possible. 

Let Cyclone Contracting guide you in the right direction with your next remodel. Schedule a consultation with a professional today! We have years of experience providing step-by-step, detailed plans and proposals for your home renovations. Watch your home remodel project come to life from start to finish!