Many plumbers won’t tell you these things…because they don’t want you to know how easy a certain repair is or how you can avoid damage (and a phone call). We do want you to know, however, because we want you to be smart and stay safe! Here are several plumbing repair secrets revealed.

Washing Machine Hose

If your washing machine hose is made of rubber, we recommend replacing it with a stainless steel hose instead. Don’t wait until the hose bursts and floods your laundry room.



Skip the liquid drain cleaner, which can slowly eat away at your plumbing pipes. If you have a clog, grab the plunger or auger. If you can’t get your toilet unclogged on your own, call a plumber. It’s better to let a professional handle the situation as opposed to causing damage by doing it yourself.


Don’t put anything but toilet paper into the toilet, not even “flushable” wipes! These often cause clogs. Throw them in the trash instead.

Flap Valve

If you find yourself having to jiggle your toilet handle time and again, the flap valve likely needs to be replaced. You can buy the part at a home improvement store for $4. Skip calling the plumber and spending over $100 for the same outcome.

Main Water Shutoff Valve

Every able-bodied person in your home should know where the main shutoff is located. If you don’t know, locate it out now, and then show everyone in your home where it is and how to turn it off. If one of your pipes cracks or bursts, you need to shut this off as soon as possible, or your home could quickly flood.


Place a strainer on top of your shower drain to keep long hair out of your drain to prevent clogging (and having to call a plumber to fix it).

Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal jams, grab an Allen wrench and an instruction manual (that likely came with your disposal) and try fixing it yourself. It may be easier than you think.

Exposed Piping

Never hang clothes or other things from piping in the basement! If they break, your basement could flood.

Your Plumber

Pay your plumber by the job instead of by the hour.

Pay for a little extra for an experienced plumber. It can make all the difference.

Monday is often the busiest day of the week for plumbers. We often have to come out to a home to fix a DIY job done the wrong way over the weekend.

If you have something you’d like us to check while we’re at your house performing another repair, just ask! We can inspect a situation for free.

Don’t ask your plumber to babysit for you.

Make sure your plumber is licensed.

Get three bids, on average, before hiring a plumber. Be cautious if you get a bid much lower or higher than the other two. Also, watch for hidden fees and ask about travel charges.