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Ames, Iowa Area Radon Testing and Mitigation

Stop Living in the Unknown with Rathert Radon.

Radon is a known cause and contributor to lung cancer and other severe health problems, but it is also invisible and undetectable without special tools and expertise. Keep your family safe with radon testing and mitigation from Rathert Radon, a division of Cyclone Contracting. For over 10 years, Rathert has offered expert radon services in new home construction, existing homes, remodeling, and additions to Iowa homeowners.

4 Steps to Make a Healthy Home

Test Radon Levels

Schedule a 48-hour Continuous Radon Monitor test with Cyclone Contracting to measure the radon levels in your home.

Receive an Estimate

The Cyclone Team professionals will come out to your property and assess your unique needs for Ames to Ankeny area radon mitigation.

Get Radon Mitigation Service

We focus on the installation of an approved Radon Mitigation System that works best for your home. We specialize in all forms of active soil depressurization (drain-tile and sub-slab), crawl space encapsulation and depressurization, as well as HRV and ERV options.

Ongoing Radon Measurement

Use of a continuous radon monitor (CRM) for short-term (48-hour) testing for new and existing home measurement. We offer both pre and post-mitigation measurement services.

We’ve Installed Over 1,000 Radon Mitigation Systems, So You Can Keep Your
Family Safe

Radon Measurement 

We are Radon Certified Measurement Specialists and perform radon testing in your home to determine radon levels. We use a continuous radon monitor for short-term testing which is typically a 48-hour period. The EPA recommends a Radon Measurement be conducted every two years.

Radon Mitigation

We are Certified Radon Mitigation Providers and guarantee radon levels to below 4.0 pCi/L with the installation of an approved Radon Mitigation System. Rathert has experience performing radon mitigation for large commercial, public, and multifamily building projects. During the design process, we work with designers and builders to create custom radon mitigation systems for these large projects.

Make Sure the Air You Breathe is Safe. Get a Free Radon Estimate.