kitchen remodeling

Ames & Ankeny Kitchen Remodeling

Starting a kitchen remodeling project can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make regarding style preferences, functionality, and the overall use of space. All of these factors go into a successful kitchen remodel, and Cyclone Contracting can help you simplify the process! Together, we’ll create a plan for your kitchen and execute everything exactly how you want it. The finished product? A kitchen your family will enjoy for years to come.


Get beautiful new cabinets installed to maximize storage space in your kitchen. Cyclone can help you select colors, materials, finishes, and fixtures. We can also help you create an organized and efficient kitchen, where every cooking utensil and appliance has a place to store. Our team boasts carpenters to give you the customization you are looking for.


Your kitchen countertops are as functional an aspect of your kitchen as they are a design choice. Whether you want granite, quartz, butcher block or laminate countertops, Cyclone can help you find the right fit to match your needs, style, and budget.


From a classic white subway tile to unique patterns and colors, you can’t go wrong with adding a backsplash to your list of to-do’s when you remodel your kitchen. With Cyclone handling your construction needs, we’ll know just the right backsplash to pair with your new cabinets and countertops.

Accessories & Finishing Touches

Once the big-ticket items are tackled, don’t forget the finishing touches! We can advise on the right faucets, cabinet hardware, and even decor to bring the space together and make it look like your kitchen came from the pages of a magazine.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so a remodel can be life-changing.

Signs That It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Some key indicators that it’s time to call Cyclone and begin planning your kitchen remodel are:

  • You lack storage and prep space.
  • Your appliances are past their prime.
  • Your needs for your kitchen have changed.
  • The lighting is terrible.
  • The space is challenging to clean.
  • It lacks style and overall flow.

Start Your Kitchen Remodel with Cyclone